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Free(b)soft Laboratory solves the problems of making computers accessible to blind and severely visually impaired people. Our solutions are primarily based on Free Software.

Our motto: "For people without disabilities technology often makes things just convenient, for people with disabilities technology makes things possible."

There are a number of particular projects being carried out, solving a wide range of problems such as speech synthesis, speech support for applications and basic system tools as well as development of specialized applications for visually impaired. You can find more information about actual activities in the Projects section.

09/01/2010 : Speech Dispatcher 0.7.1 released.
06/21/2010 speechd-el 2.4 released.
06/16/2010 Speech Dispatcher 0.7 released.
10/16/2008 festival-freebsoft-utils 0.10 released.
07/31/2008 Speech Dispatcher 0.6.7 released.
06/26/2008 speechd-el 2.3 released.

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